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The Agriculture industry occurs in every state in the Union. Timothy Gassaway will be working collaboratively with all Congressman and Congresswomen to advocate for farmers and ranchers in District 13. 

National Debt

Mr. Gassaway believes that our future generation shouldn't have to bear the burden of our increasing national debt. Through his ambitious debt consolidation plan, the national economy would experience a dramatic growth of job opportunities while reducing our deficit.

Immigration Reform

It is no secret that immigration reform requires national attention. Mr. Gassaway believes that any forms of family separation should be ended. Establish new H1B Visas opportunities and programs to enable additional job opportunities in the IT and Construction industries. 

Green Infrastructure

Infrastructure in the U.S. was given a D-Plus by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Mr. Gassaway has plans to introduce new legislation that will fund initiatives for green infrastructure. 

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Timothy W. Gassaway For Congress
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